Awakened America
Marshall is a JuBu, that is a Jewish Buddhist. Marshall attended  John F. Kennedy University’s School of Consciousness Studies in the field of Transpersonal Psychology. He currently lives and works in Chicago with his wife Nancy and his Mom Shirley who is looking for a rich man.
AWakened America

Marshall has been involved with Consciousness and Zen for the past 35 years and has taught all over the country and overseas on these subjects. A professional Improvisational Actor, Marshall conceived and co-hosts the popular Zenprov Podcast, which mixes acting theory with zen principles. He has been politically active since the 2000 Presidential debacle including working for the Howard Dean campaign in the Midwest in 2004.  He is now combining his talents and rich experience with his political passion in an effort to raise the level of discourse and speak in favor of Wisdom.

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Phone: 773-764-4942

Cell: 773-991-3451