Monthly Archives: June 2017

#4 Horrible Health Care Bill

This week the Republicans dumped their secret “Health Care” plan on the US. It is actually worse and crueler than the House version. We must do everything we can to firm up Democrats and reach the hearts of Republicans to stop this immoral and evil plan. In this show I give some concrete and definite […]

#3 Enlightened Politics

Back to audio this week, the whole shooting thing and the subsequent talk about tone and lack of talk about what actually leads to this sort of thing led me to think a lot about what we have as a government based on politics that is based on fear and anger and what we could […]

#2 Health Care (Video)

  Trying something a little different today. Rather than a pure Audio podcast I am using clips from an interview I gave recently on Health Care to create the first Awakened America video podcast. Health Care is a huge issue now because the Republicans in the Senate have been using the Trumpster fire to hide […]