Awakened America is a weekly podcast representing the zen of American Politics from a more human and humane perspective. Often our politics is left to the least wise among us or spectators and talking heads for whom politics seems to be some sort of spectator sport. We know that politics has very real effects on very real people and it is here where one can find the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. The question is what impact do we wish to see our politics have on our country. Everyone can see good for good and bad for bad. Taking support from the poor to further enrich the rich we can all agree is not a good thing. Even those who are committed to this very thing acknowledge that it is wrong thinking and action as they dissemble and mislead as to what it is they are really doing.

At Awakened America we want to see a politics that does the greatest good for everyone at the same time. We believe this is very doable but in order for this to occur greed, fear and anger must be set aside and our higher faculties of love, compassion and joy must be ascendant.

The Podcast looks at politics from a Zen perspective but is not in any sense a religious show. I am a Buddhist so it is my perspective and as Ethics and Right Speech, action and Livelihood are central to Buddhist thought, so is it central to my vision of a better higher politics.


The Podcast:

It is my intention to put out one podcast per week usually on Sunday evenings.